Live Review: Ive Never… Been to a gig where the floor moved.

It’s rare for me to feel completely out of my comfort zone. Maybe this is because Ive stayed in the same wonderful Wellington city for four + years. But I left wonderful comfort of knowing every backstreet – to a City where I even didn’t realise that I was on the main road.

To be fair, I had only been in Sydney for a week – and I was yet to explore the city.  Katie and I stared wide-eyed out of the bus as we made random guesses to where the fuck we were. Luckily Australians are more than happy to point you in the right direction if you are a tad lost (unlike some places) – otherwise we would of ended up back in Hamilton.

Jonny is a great person to go on an adventure with. In any situation. So it was his six-months-in Sydney expertise that led us to The Standard on a party night in Sydney. I was assured I’d love the music – although slightly unconvinced – I believed him this one time.

Walking up the stairs to the Standard – I was rather confused about where the band/music (whatever id just paid $20 for) would play in the tiny tiny bar… I asked no questions. Good thing too – as we were then led to the main gig area.

I actually thought I was in Skins. The space kinda looks like an empty warehouse – with a standing platform around the edge and a bar pushed to the side corner. And a ping-pong table.

The “DJs” were going mental in the far right corner. Trashing 80s hit after 80s hit with “wooop wooop”` noises added in occasionally. Their little act was great to watch as each member got tired and died out for a while just too reboot their energy with more beer.  This made their dancing better.

I cant really say it was my cup of tea – but it was an interesting insight to the Sydney scene. Jonny was right about Flume though – that lovely young man creates some great noises. Apparently everyone else did too as the floor beneath me literally moved up and down to the beat – I was almost sure that we would end up at the bar below again without having to move.

Great first night out in Sydney.


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